Roland Frasier: His Journey to Success

Roland Frasier

If you are actively involved in digital marketing or keenly passionate in digital media and advertising, you probably know whom Roland Frasier is. For those people who don’t know anything about him, you are certainly missing out an important person who might willingly help you in the future in terms of your business matters. Other than helping businesses indorse their products to the market through digital marketing, Roland Frasier is also an expert in other business-related fields such as selling real estate, marketing and entertainment, copywriting, funnel design and implementation. He is also an adept marketing member of ‘Unity Group Global Holdings’ (a private equity fund institution that is engaged in repositioning, acquisition and disposition of public and privately held companies).

All the skills, knowledge and qualities that he greatly possess is a product of his immense experience in various field of business marketing and other business-related industry. His humble journey to the world of marketing started when he was 18 years old as a real estate agent and later brought him to different business realm and places him to the limelight of success. After getting enough experience from selling real estate, Frasier gradually moved to doing syndications of business and real estate investments. He held insurances, real estate and security licenses & did leverage buyouts with ‘Prudential Securities’ while he was studying in law school during his college days.

After he finished his college days at law school, Roland Frasier opened his own law firm in San Diego where he used all his knowledge and put it into practice. His firms successfully grow and developed in the succeeding years and considered as one of the most sought-after law firm in the area of San Diego which provides services to many business owners, entrepreneurs, marketing & entertainment industry. His passion in business marketing doesn’t only revolves on a single facet, because while managing his own firm, he also worked as a managing partner and conducted various promotional undertakings such as advertising & marketing campaigns, networking, generating clients and leads through copywriting and forming an excellent joint ventures.

Roland Frasier

In his course of career as a managing partner, Roland Frasier began forming joint venturing deals with clients. From simple practicing law, his ventures subsequently evolved to buying & selling companies, direct response marketing, repositioning businesses including copywriting for his own infomercials, direct main company and other related projects. Over his successful career, Roland Frasier has also done diverse infomercial deals with some of the well-known businesses in the industry such as K-Tel Direct and Guthy-Renker. At same time, he also made publishing deals with Random House and with Simon & Schuster.

Roland Frasier also started to negotiate shows with some of the major hotels on Las Vegas, managed international hedge funds, has been involved in more than 100 public and private offerings, and created marketing campaigns and presentation for major brands and many more. His thirst for new experience and learning whole new things from other ventures has even made him one of the outstanding man in the business world and in the domain of marketing and advertising. It’s not only his passion that drives him to be on top of the business realm, but his dedication to provide an expedient service and willingness to help people is one of the main reasons that put him on the limelight.

Currently, Roland Frasier is working as a principal in ‘Idea Incubator and Digital Marketing’ and is managing various marketing businesses along with some of the digital marketing thought leaders such as Frank Deiss, Perry Belcher, Frank Kern, Kent Cothier and other well-known names in the field.